Sekiryume-go of Suzurigawa-sou

(foto Nihonken Shashinshu vol 1.) 

From Japan:                    

Som før fortalt interesserer shibaens historie og afstamning mig rigtig meget. På et tidspunkt har jeg forespurgt Mr.Takeda i Japan, om oplysninger på en tidlig grundlæggende Japansk avlstæve, (Sekiryume of Suzurigawasou  - 赤竜女号-硯川荘). Da denne tæve dukkede op rigtig mange gange i mine egne hunde, fandt jeg det spændende, at prøve at finde ud af hendes baggrund.
Jeg er meget taknemmelig over, at Mr.Takeda har besvaret mine spørgsmål yderst fyldestgørende.

Mr.Takeda's redegørelse over nævnte tæve finder du længere nede på denne side.

From Japan:

As told before shiba history and genealogy is my big interest. Some years ago I did ask Mr.Takeda in Japan, about some information, concerning a specific early Japanese foundation brood bitch, (Sekiryume of Suzurigawasou - 赤竜女号-硯川荘). Since this female dog showed up several times in my shibas, I thought it would be exciting to find out something about her origin.
I am very grateful to Mr.Takeda about his highly satisfactory answer to my question.

Below you will find Mr.Takeda's report about this specific female dog.

Dear Torill,

I would like to explain a little bit summary about SekiRyume-go Suzurigawa-sou (赤竜女号-硯川荘)

Also, I tried to be simply for the explanation. If you have a question or doubt, then just ask me freely.

p.s. I used unique nouns to explain the above with using Japanese Kanji to make sure the data.

Sorry for your patient if you can not read clearly the message in your terminal.


SekiRyume-go in Suzurigawa-sou (赤竜女号-硯川荘)
Japanese dog registration number
163413. Born in Dec,1,1972.
Father dog : Sen un-go in Kotou-Sou (

Mother dog : Ryuhime-go in Hiroshima Ryutou-sou (竜姫号-広島龍頭荘
- Made breed with Tenryu-go Shinsyu in Takei-sou (
天竜号-信州タケイ荘) who got prime minister prize
in 62nd headquater exhibition, 1975, and bred Tenkou-go in ShikokuKofuji-sou (
Tenkou-go ShikokuKofuji-sou (
天光号-四国小富士荘) whose owner is Mr.Hideomi Miura (三浦秀臣) in
Ehime ken prefecture got headquater prize in each branch exhibitions and united exhibition.

- Made breed with Kiyoichi-go in Mie Kouzan-sou (清市号-三重甲山荘) who got prime minister prize
in 64th headquater exhibition, 1976 and bred Kiyoichme-go in Shikoku Kofuji-sou (
Kiyoichme-go in Shikoku Kofuji-sou got prime minister prize in 67th headquater exhibition.
- Made breed with Kouten Ryu-go in Shikoku Kofuji-sou (
光天竜号-四国小富士荘) and bred Benimitsu Ryu-go
in Shikoku Kofuji-sou (
Benimitsu Ryu-go in Shikoku Kofuji-sou (
紅光竜号-四国小富士荘) whose owner is Mr.Yoshiyuki Ishikawa
石川義行) in Kagawa-ken prefecture got four middle age grand prix in 65th headquater exhibition, 1976.


Tenkou Ryu go in Shikoku Kofuji-sou (天光竜号-四国小富士荘)
Japanese dog registration number is
313278. Born in May,13,1976.
Owner : Mr. Kazushi Suzuki (
鈴木一司) in Kagawa-ken prefecture.
Father dog : Tenkou go in Shikoku Kofuji-sou (
Mother dog : Tenryu senhime go in Suzurigawa-sou (
Father dog of Tenryu senhime go (
天竜千姫号) is Tenryu-go in Shinsyu Takei sou (天竜号-信州タケイ荘)
and mother dog is Ryuhime go in Hiroshima Ryutou sou (

It means Tenryu senhime go in Suzurigawa sou (天竜千姫号-硯川荘) and Sekiryume go
in Suzurigawa sou (
赤竜女号-硯川荘) are sister but their father is different.
Tenryu go in Shikoku Kofuji sou got young dog prize in 65th headquater exhibition, 1976 and
got same prize in 66th headquater exhibition, 1976. And also, got middle age dog prize
in 67th headquater exhibition, 1976.


Tamaryu-go in Oe-sou (玉竜号-大江荘)
Japanese dog registration number is
279018. Born in Aug,29,1975.
Father dog is Tenkou-go in Shikoku Kofuji-sou (
天光号-四国小富士荘). Mother dog of Tenkou-go
in Shikoku Kofuji-sou (
天光号-四国小富士荘) is Sekiryume-go in Suzurigawa-sou (父犬は天光号-四国小富士荘).
Tamaryu-go in Oe-sou (
玉竜号-大江荘) got young age prize and other prizes in each branch exhibition.
The owner of this dog is Mr.Masahiro Nishitani (
西谷正博) in Fudougadaki-Kensya (不動ヶ滝犬舎)
in Kagawa-ken prefecture. This breeder is main supplier to us. Mr.Nishitani's comment got into
a magazine and in an article, he said "Tamaryu-go (
玉竜号) has good ear line and good mouth line
and his face with strong eyes means wonderful and good dog". The mother's blood line of
Hamaou-go (
浜王号) who is famous dog in Fudougadaki-kensya (不動ヶ滝犬舎) is Tamaryu (玉竜)'s inbreed.
Also, the famous dog mentioned by the Mr.Nishitani's comment is a blood relative to
Sekiryume-go in Suzurigawa-sou (
赤竜女号-硯川荘) and Shikoku Kofuji-sou (四国小富士荘).
Mr.Nishitani mentioned Ryujirou-go in Fudougataki-kensya (
柳次郎号-不動ヶ滝犬舎) as famous
dog made Shibaken's history.


Ryujiro-go in Fudougataki-kensya (柳次郎号-不動ヶ滝犬舎)
Japanese dog registration
56-34364. Born in Feb.,27,1985.
Father dog : Genjiro-go in Hatsuse-kensya (
Mother dog : Kurotamame-go in Fudougataki-Kensya (
Owner : Mr.Hideomi Miura (
三浦秀臣) in Fudougataki-Kensya (不動ヶ滝犬舎)

The mother dog of Kurotamame-go in Fudougataki-Kensya (黒玉女号-不動ヶ滝犬舎) as mother dog
for this dog is Beniryume-go in Fudougataki-kensya (
紅竜女号-不動ヶ滝犬舎). Also the father dog
of Beniryume-go (
紅竜女号) is Tenryu-go in Shinsyu takei-sou (天竜号-信州タケイ荘) and
the mother dog is Sekiryume-go in Suzurigawa-sou (
Beniryume-go in Fudougataki-kensya (
紅竜女号-不動ヶ滝犬舎) has sister's dog and her name is
Tenryume-go in Fudougataki-kensya (
With looking the blood line, I think Sekiryume-go in Suzurigawa-sou (
赤竜女号-硯川荘) moved from
Shikoku Kofuji-sou (
四国小富士荘) to Fudougataki-kensya (不動ヶ滝犬舎). Beniryume-go (紅竜女号)
and Tenryume-go (
天竜女号) are daughter dog of Sekiryume-go (赤竜女号) but the name of
breeder house is Fudougataki-kensya (

Also, I mentioned about Ryujiro-go in Fudougataki-kensya (柳次郎号-不動ヶ滝犬舎). He didn't
lose in a few branch exhibitions or whole country exhibitions. I feel regret very much
he was gone immediately after he got prime minster prize in whole country exhibition.
At that time, I thought to breed a dog like Ryujiro-go (
柳次郎号) and I asked to breed as three
times to Genjiro-go in Hatsuse-Kensya (
源次郎-初瀬犬舎) who is father dog of Ryujiro-go
柳次郎号). After that, I was given many child dogs of Inn no Ryutetsu-go in Oita Yoshihou-sou
院の柳鉄号-大分芳豊荘) who is child between a daughter dog of Ryujiro-go in Fudougataki-Kensya
柳次郎号-不動ヶ滝犬舎) as mother dog and Tetsugen-go in Bichu Eikan-sou(鉄源号-備中栄冠荘)
as father dog and I studied them. The blood line for mother side of Inn no Ryutetsu-go in
Oita Yoshihou-sou (
院の柳鉄号-大分芳豊荘) is a blood relative to Tamaryu-go in Ooe-sou
玉竜号-大江荘), Tenko-go in Shikoku-Kofujisou (天光号-四国小富士荘) and Sekiryume-go
in Suzurigawa-sou(


Sorry too late reply because I am busy to watch TV of Athene Olympic Games even though

I don't enter Olympic games :-)

For your information, I introduce Nakatake Suzume-sou (中竹雀荘) where is Shikoku Kofuji-sou
四国小富士荘)'s group breeding dog house URL in the below with the permission of this
owner Mr.Naoya Hyodo (
兵頭真哉). Mr.Naoya Hyodo, thank you for your permission.
In the web pages, you can look at many famous dogs pics like Tenryu-go (
柳次郎号) and other dogs. 

Sincerely yours,

Masashi Takeda    



Torill & Pingel